Day 66: Leadership and Business Research

Forgive me if the day numbering isn't correct, haven't been able to keep a track of it. Today was the third day for our 4th Trim of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. There was a class yesterday but I was at work and hence couldn't attend the class. Did miss my first Negotiation Skills lecture and the important Business Research Methodology class. Since I've got some time, thought to document Day 66 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Leadership & Change Management

This was the first lecture for the 1.5 credit subject. We had the class in the MDP hall about which I mentioned in the first post of this blog. It was strange though. Anyways it was more of an introductory session today. Learnt about Leadership, revisited level 5 leadership and understanding concepts of LFS - Leader, Follower and Situation.

Leadership. Courtesy:

Business Research Management

Finally after 3 trims I got an idea of what does Chi Square value mean and how to use it to derive meaningful insights from the data. We are using the IBM SPSS software for the same. Though the tool is powerful, I didn't quite like it much. The UI is fine but the ease of use isn't. Spent some time understanding the concepts of Factoring and developing regressions. Good day I'd say.

We have presentation starting next week, so need to be on the toes. It is going to be an extra hectic week at work next week. So see you on the other side !
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