The Beginning - Inauguration ceremony MPE PGDM

It's raining quite heavily in Hyderabad right now, and I'm just back home. The day was pretty good as I got to meet many new people - something that I enjoy ! By now you would have guessed what this post is going to be about. Yes, I'll be sharing my day's experience of the Inauguration ceremony held for MPE PGDM program at NMIMS Hyderabad campus. Toh chaliye shuru karte hain...

The program was scheduled to start at 10:30 am, and I was there by 10:15. There were a couple of people seated outside but were busy on their phones. We were then led to the MDP room where the inauguration was supposed to take place. We had the Director, Dy. directory and other faculty members present along with the 'students'. The program started with the traditional lamp lighting post which there was an introduction session where we introduced ourselves. There was a photo session post the event followed by High Tea. 

MPE PGDM Inauguration at NMIMS, Hyderabad

After the tea, we were taken for a tour of the campus. We started from the canteen and came down to the classrooms. The classroom are pretty good and are well in sync with the modern standards. We were then briefed about the course and the related policies. The attendance policy seemed to be on the stricter side, but I guess I'll manage.

The Diverse Batch of Executives

Ok, I'm the youngest in the batch (in terms of professional experience, leaving out the folks into family business) but I must say that the batch is very diverse. I usually don't mention anybody's name in my posts, and the same will continue here too. There were a couple of guys from Pharma sector with Business Development profiles. There were a couple of them from the IT sector. Few from the aviation sector. Few from the FMCG retail sector. So you see, there's a great diversity in the class. Also there were few folks with 10+ years of professional experience, and I'm sure I'm gonna learn a lot from them.

I don't know how I'm going to manage this, but I will do it ! We've already been given temporary id cards, bags, a finance book along with course outline. That finance book Accounting book is already giving me nightmares. Even though I'm an Engineer, I'm not good with numbers. So that is something that I'll have to look into.

The classes start next week on wards, so I can relax tomorrow and probably write some posts for my blog. Overall, a great start to the MPE PGDM course at NMIMS, Hyderabad. Will be updating this post after every class is held, so you can expect a post every week about the class held. Stay tuned and shoot any queries you have about the course !
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