Trim 3 Results time - Unexpected !

Usually it takes about a month for the results to be declared for the end trimester exams. It was the same for the other two trims we passed. And hence we were quite laid back and expecting the results to be declared only by October mid/end week. However, I'm sure we all were caught off guard when we got SMS/email telling us that the results have been declared for trim 3 of Executive MBA course at NMIMS Hyderabad.

I was working at my desk when I saw the SMS which said the results for Trim 3 exams have been declared. I couldn't believe and hence read it again. Well the heart beats increased, palms started sweating. I clicked the link to open the portal. Since my details were saved in the browser already, it didn't take much time to log in. Quickly navigated to the results section and guess what I found ?

3.95/4.00 CGPA ! Oh yeah ! Scored highest marks in 4 out of 5 subjects (except Strategic International Finance) but that's alright. Was ecstatic to see the result and especially those numbers. The last trim was too hectic not only from college and subjects point of view but also from office side. Had been loaded by work and frankly I wondered at times whether I could better my own marks which I scored in the previous trims. Well I did and in what style ! Above all the good news is that everyone passed in the batch 15 of executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad ! That's about it for this post, will update during the next class.
Trim 3 Results time - Unexpected ! Trim 3 Results time - Unexpected ! Reviewed by The Executive on October 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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