Day 67: Presentation, Analysis & Story Telling

Today was another full day with classes till 7:30. Trust me it is too hectic and one of the major reasons is that you have to go to office the next day. Anyways, I had a major presentation last week at work and it turned out really good. (I knew it would be good, but the response I got was totally unexpected) Today too our day started with a presentation. So here's how the day unfolded during the Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Leadership Behavior

The day started with a presentation of Leadership Behavior, well ours was the last one. Probably the first time ever during this course. Most of the time we are the first team to present.Anyways, since we were last, we got really less time to present our case. Blame to some folks who walked in late and the presentation started late. Anyways, it was a good one.

Research Analysis

Factor Analysis

Next class was Business Research Management and we spent a lot of time in understanding factor analysis. It was a good session as we understood what is to be done. Since the professor wasn't there, it was his associate who was taking the session. I liked it, at least we got time to take our time and understand what we are doing.

Consulting Skills

Not much happened here. Like last time we spent some time listening to the professor's past experiences along with little gyan on consulting skills. And by the time, I was already very sleepy. Just waited to rush home and hit my bed. 

Anyways it was a very very hectic week and I'm glad it ended on a really good note. Let's hope for a better another week. See you on the other side.
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