Day 77: Go Andrews !

Last week was extra hectic because of a 6 day working week. Mine is usually a 5 day work but due to the Telangana assembly elections, I had a compensatory working day yesterday which meant there's no leave until next Saturday :(

Anyways sharing the experience of Day 77 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. Like last week we had sessions on Business Analytics followed by Business Simulation followed by Business Research Methodology. 

Bye Bye R :(

What looked like an exciting class today turned out to be opposite. We started working with some data sets on R studio and progressed from simple analysis to Linear Regression, Decision Trees and so on. But at this point things were getting quite tough and unanimously decided to ditch R and continue with IBM SPSS. Let's see how it goes on.

Bye Bye R Studio. Courtesy: Rstudio

Go Andrews - Business Simulation

I guess I've already mentioned that we are working on CAPSIM CAPSTONE simulation. My team is Andrews and we had already excelled in the practice rounds. However we started out with competition rounds around last week. We are done with 4 rounds and Andrews had been in the red for the first 3 years among all the companies. But today we were able to stage a turn around and get in the green by registering positive profits (best among the teams in class) So yaay ! We have another 3 rounds to complete in another 3 weeks. 

Presentations in Business Research

The last class of the day was supposed to be all about presentations. However most of the people had gone off for the day and weren't able to present. Thus we had only 2 folks presenting their research reports. I too worked on a Restaurant Diners Preference Survey and will be presenting next week. Wish me luck !

All in all it was a wonderful day but a hectic week. Things are going good and hope it continues. See you next week !
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