Day 75,76: Getting done with two subjects

I'm writing this after a complete month of classes. I see that I haven't posted anything during November. Blame it on the tight schedule at work and at college that I didn't get time to post anything. Things have been going on reasonably well at college. The new trim has been going on fine till now and we have already completed 2 of the 7 subjects for this trim. Both Negotiation Skills and Leadership and Change Management were 1.5 credit course which means there had to be only 10 classes and we are done with all of them. The last weekend we closed both of them with a role play for negotiations and presentation on leadership and change. So here's more about the Day 75,76 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Learning R in Business Analytics

One of the best things that happened this trim is that we are learning R for Business Analytics. We did have an option to continue with SPSS that we are already using for the Business Research Subject. However I was pretty clear that R is the way forward and not SPSS. Luckily for me, everyone agreed to it and we started working on R. Last class we learnt about Linear Regression and the lm() and plot() functions and I was blown away by the sheer amount of stats the tool can generate. Looking forward to exiting sessions ahead.

CAPSIM R&D decision area. Courtesy: YouTube

CAPSIM Simulation - brains at work

Another good subject that we are having is Business Simulation where in we are working on CAPSIM. The simulation tool is a great way to test our business accumen and see how we can run a company. We have been so engrossed in it, that last Friday me and my group had 6 hour long video call to complete one round. And we completed it in style, we beat all the other human teams (were looking forward to beating the computer) We are already in competition round and aren't doing that well, second of the 3 human teams we have in class. So we need to buck up !

That's about the highlights for the day 75,76 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. Like always, I'll say that I'll continue posting often, but I don't know if the time would permit or not. Anyways, see you in the next week, have a wonderful time !
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