Day 82: Last day of Trimester 4

Once again a late post, a post after 4 classes  - that's about 4 weeks. So technically that's the first post of the new year. We have the exams starting next week, and we have 7 subjects. It's too much ! The last day of the Day 82 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad was all about presentations and tableau.

The day kicked off with some advanced lessons on Tableau and then spent time on few sample data sets and stuff. Later in the the we had a assignments and presentations and hence spent time with that. A quick test was conducted for Corporate Governance followed by a presentation on the same. We presented about the ICIC-Videocon fiasco.

Lastly, we had the last session of Consulting Skills. A presentation have been pending for ages now so finally we had to give it. Frankly we had no idea of what we had prepared earlier and hence it was just about going up to the stage and presenting something.

That's about it for the day. Will be posting about the exams and stuff in the later days as and when it happens. See you on the other side !
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