Day 68: Negotiations, Simulation and Consulting

The last class of October and we are done with a month of classes in the 4th trim. Also today was the day when I actually got to see the physical grade sheet in my hands. It's great to see that finally, efforts paid off in style. Not only mine but due credit to the faculty & D for helping me get through this. So here's a post about Day 68 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Negotiation Skills

This was my first class of Negotiation Skills as I had missed the earlier one due to work Saturday. We started with discussing BATNA - Best Alternative of Negotiated Agreement , ZOPA and understood the various ways we can use it to our benefit and win the negotiation. Truly loved the insightful class. Apart from that we saw how to start with a transnational relationship, add value to that and finally convert that to a collaborative partnership. Overall a very insightful class.


Business Simulation

This was just our second session and after a long time and most of us had forgot what we had done in the earlier class. We spent most of the time in understanding what CAPSIM is what CAPSTONE is and how are going to be using it. So we spent some time on it and then later took the rehearsal test and I did fairly well :P

Consulting Skills

Another class and another story telling session. The faculty spoke about some medical college along with other stories where in there was some ideas about change management too. And I was writing this post in that class, the best way to write the post as well stay awake :P So that was day 68 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. See you on the other side.
Day 68: Negotiations, Simulation and Consulting Day 68: Negotiations, Simulation and Consulting Reviewed by The Executive on October 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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