End of Trim 3

Again, this post comes in late. In fact 3 days after our classes for trim 3 actually ended. Glad that it was a Saturday and not Sunday. So yes, officially the classes have ended and it's time for exams. The trim 3 exams for Batch 15 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad begins on 16th September. We start off with Strategic International Finance followed by People and Organisation Culture on day 1. The next set of exams is on 23rd September with theory papers on Business Strategy Implementation along with Marketing Management 2. And the last exam is on September 30 with Project Management.

End of Semester. Courtesy: Pinterest
The semester was quite small and went past quickly. We had started in May (I guess) and it's September and it's time for exams. Overall a good trimester. My interest in Finance actually increased this trim. Marketing Management was exciting, much better than last trim. The faculty had worked previously at Amul and also at Ogilvy and Mather ! (That's like the pinnacle for Advertising). So all in all a good trim. Wish me luck for exams ! Will try to post on exam days too, let's see :)
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