Day 56 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad

Finally I managed to write something here. Last few posts have been haywire and surely not what I expected. Anyways, yesterday was the Day 56 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad and it was also the 1st Anniversary of all of us being together ! Yes, this journey started on 19th August and we have been going strong since then. There was a round of applause for all of us during the day. So here's a glimpse of how Day 56 was.

Employee Retention in Peoples and Organisation Culture

We've doing a lot in this subject and I haven't yet opened the book. The subject is interesting though. We've learnt about interview, selection process along side Learning and Development, Compensation and Retention. Yesterday we started with Retention and why it is important. For, you cannot retain an employee forever ! So even if you can do it for like 1-2 years, you've succeeded.

Employee Retention. Courtesy: Vunela

Nalli and Pricing in Marketing Management

We started off with this beautiful Harvard Case on Nalli. For those of you who don't know what Nalli is, it is a famous ethnic cloth brand in India. We learnt how it started, expanded and the problems it faced during that time. Post the case we discussed the various modes of Pricing. It was exciting indeed.

Test Results in Strategic International Finance

We had given a test few weeks back for the internal assessment. A quiz for 10 marks and a midterm for 20 marks. I scored 8/10 in the quiz and 14/20 in mid term. There were few blunders in the mid term, hence the low marks. But I'm happy :) Post that we solved a Lufthansa case on Hedging and did somethings on Money market hedging.

That was about the Day 56 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. I'm glad that I wrote this today (one day delay only) and hoping to continue this. See you on the other side, have a wonderful  time.
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