Day 52,53,54,55 - Executive MBA at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Again a series of late post. The last month was all about classes from 9am to 7:10pm and this month too (August) is not going to be any different. We have had almost all the subjects in the past 4 classes. We had tests, presentations, case studies and what not. Finance is getting difficult with PUT, GET call options along with Interest Rate and currency swaps. (I'll probably understand it and post an article here) Marketing has been going great and I'm totally loving it. The professor has previously worked with Oglivy so his experiences are great. 

All the other subjects like People and Organisations, Business Strategy Implementation and Project Management, the classes have been going on but I don't know what exactly is to be done. Two months are almost gone attending classes, but I haven't even touched any text book. Today being independence day, let's see if I can spend some time doing something.

That's about it. Like last post too, I'll repeat - I'll try to post the summary on the same day of the class. However can't guarantee that. So have a wonderful day, and stay tuned.
Day 52,53,54,55 - Executive MBA at NMIMS, Hyderabad Day 52,53,54,55 - Executive MBA at NMIMS, Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on August 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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