Day 42: The Final Class of Trimester 2; Executive MBA NMIMS Hyderabad

*Late Post* So yesterday was a relaxed-cum-hectic day. Last day of college is always important, the main reason being the professors usually talk about what to expect in the exam. And that's what happened exactly yesterday. Though we had a couple of tests in Corporate Finance and Operations Management, that didn't deter any of us from not coming to class. Result ? 100% attendance :P

The day started with Corporate Finance and the faculty apparently didn't turn up. I did go out with other classmates for chai at a nearby tea stall. Upon returning we were told that there is an online test and that we need to submit it before 12:20. That did create a panic amongst us. But I was like dekh lenge. The moment we saw the question paper, it was the moment of Brain Fade :P (at least for me) I couldn't even recognise that formula to use where. However after a while, things started clicking and I was able to solve 5-6 questions out of 11 in the test. That's the best I could do !
Last Day of Trimester 2. Courtesy: Pinterest
Next lecture was Operations Management. We did have a test but that was pushed to post lunch session. The professor did appreciate my efforts in going the extra mile and solving some questions for an assignment that we were to submit yesterday. And later he did share some useful tips to help crack the problems. We had a brief introduction to LEAN and Supply Chain Management after which we had the test. The test was easy, but as usual I did blunders. Let's see how much I score.

So that was it for the Last Day of Second Trimester of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. The time has flown by and it's time for knowledge check. Exams are starting from the 13th May and I'm glad I have a week off the next week so that I can get some time to prepare for the exam. Also, in case you want to go through all that was done in the second trimester, check out this link.

Day 42: The Final Class of Trimester 2; Executive MBA NMIMS Hyderabad Day 42: The Final Class of Trimester 2; Executive MBA NMIMS Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on April 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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