Day 41: Presentation, Capital Structure and Revision

Today was officially the second last class of the 2nd Trimester of our Executive MBA program at NMIMS Hyderabad. The exam timetable is out already and the exams start from the 13th May and go up till 27th is what I know as of now. Time has passed so fast and this trimester has ended in a flash. Here's the Day 41 of our Executive MBA program at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Presentation in Operations Management

The day started with a presentation on Operations Management. Our group was assigned the topic Total Quality Management. I made the ppt like always but couldn't complete it due to work. For someone like me who's always ready well before time, our ppt wasn't ready until it was our turn to present  ! Just imagine my situation. But in the end, I'd say we did a pretty good job. The faculty was happy with the performance and as they joke "Inshallah, the boys played well :P"

Operations Management. Courtesy: ShutterStock

Capital Structure in Finance

Corporate Finance was all about Capital Structure analysis. We were provided with an excel sheet along with the steps to arrive at it. So what I've understood is that every organization requires capital. And this capital can be obtained as debt or equity. So with the help of Capital Structure Analysis, we arrive at the optimum ratio of Debt vs Equity funding that will help the organisation achieve maximum value and make the most.

Last class of Managerial Accounting

Today was the last class for Managerial Accounting and I'm glad I was a part of it. As it is, not much is going in my head in the class and a revision (read hand holding) session was a must. Our faculty says that Management is all about common sense, keep all the logic and technical stuff aside. And to this my mind says "Sir, common sense common oddu kada..." Even as others in the class completed the questions, I was still wondering how to start. Process Costing and Activity Based Costing is something that I've understood now. So I'm happy about it.

So that's  how things unfolded during the penultimate class of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. It's surprising that I'm done with almost 8 months of the program and another 12 months to go. Hoping for the ride to be smooth. But first, let the exams get over :P
Cya !
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