Day 29 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad

Reached college early today so that I could prepare something for the Corporate Finance Test. I did have my formulae in place so it was just a matter of revising them. Also today I had to collect my mark sheets, felt good to see the marks I've scored :) Anyways, so here's how the Day 29 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad was. 

If you are new to The Executive Saga, I'm a Executive PGDM student at NMIMS Hyderabad and here I document my day to day happenings that might help anyone of you planning to join the Executive MBA course at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Costing to Kick off the day

The day started with Managerial Accounting. We were supposed to submit the assignment that we had worked upon as a part of home work. I had done my bit but wasn't quite sure whether that was right or not. Anyways, the things we learnt today were some formulae related to sales, profit, variable and fixed costs along with break even formulae. There were quite a few of them, I wonder how will I remember all of them.

Time for the test in Corporate Finance

The next lecture was a test on Corporate Finance. I thought I was prepared for it, but when I saw the questions, I went blank. Something I associated myself with - going blank when surrounded with numbers. Even though I had the formulae with me, applying them to Present Value, Future Value, Annuity Due and other questions wasn't easy. Since it was an online test, got the marks immediately. And I didn't do too well. Immediately we started learning about Budgeting with IRR, NPV and some other numbers. Lost there. So while the class was on, I enrolled myself for this course, hoping to understand something. Let's see.

Corporate Finance getting tough.
Porter putting an end to the day

The last lecture in the day was Business Strategy Formulation.  We have been discussion Porter's Five Forces for the past two lectures. Today also we built upon what was done earlier. We learnt about the types of leaderships- Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Focused Leadership.  We also saw a video about What is Strategy and what questions one needs to ask so as to ensure that we are actually working on the Strategies.

That was about it today. Post the class, we went for dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant had good rating on Zomato but didn't quite do justice to the rating. Anyways, already late now, have a class tomorrow too. So that's it for tonight, see you guys tomorrow.
Cya !
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