Day 28: A day full of numbers

Continuing from where I left in the last post, today was another day of the Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. As the title says,today was all about numbers. I did feel lost for quite some time in the class as I have a cold relationship with numbers. So here's my experience of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad, Day 28.

Starting the Day with Strategy

We started the day with Business Strategy Formulation. We had earlier discussed about PESTEL, BGC Matrix and so on. However today we deep dived into Michael Porter and his theory of Five Forces. We were provided with a Harvard Article published by the man himself about how strategies can be formed using the five forces. We also watch the below video - an interview with Porter who talks about the five forces model.

Cost Accounting and the mess

Next was Managerial Accounting today. We were supposed to prepare a cost sheet for some example the faculty shared in the earlier class. I did do something, and apparently was right for most of the part. Getting the terminologies wrong though. We then proceeded to form another example where were to provide an estimate based on the projections provided. This was a tough one, couldn't understand it. Thanks to A for trying her best to help me out with that. But I do have to spend time on it. There's an assignment to submit next week, so let's see if that works out.

Managerial Accounting vs Financial Accounting. Courtesy: Slideshare

Operations and the time game

Last two lectures on a Sunday that too till 19:30 hrs isn't easy at all. We are completely drained by the time the lecture starts and concentration levels hit rock bottom. I'll mention all that we did today. We learnt about process diagrams, process charts, capacity utilisation and other terms related to improving the processes. Again we have an assignment for the next to next week, so I hope to spend some time on it too.

That's all for the Day 28 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad. We are done with a month's class in this trimester already, need to get studying now. I want to but I don't know if I will study post this. Anyways, see you on the other side !
Cya !
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