Google Anthos - Is it perfect for your enterprise ?

One of the crucial decisions for a CIO anywhere in the world is choosing between investing in setting up on premise infrastructure or moving completely to the cloud. Being a capital intensive activity, it requires CIOs and other leaders to lay down a strategy that align their budgets with their business goals. With every passing day, more and more enterprises are moving to the cloud for various reasons ranging from scalability to security.  However there are still a few reasons that are holding some businesses from moving completely to the cloud.  As per a story by TheNextWeb, there are five major reasons why enterprise are not comfortable moving completely to the cloud.

  • Security
  • Data Protection
  • Performance and Up-time
  • Additional Switching Costs to move your existing applications to the cloud
  • Vendor Lock-in with a cloud provider

Google Anthos - Positioned to ease cloud migration

Considering the issues listed above, Google last week announced their new cloud offering Anthos. Anthos is a cloud computing offering based on the Kubernetes - which is one of the most widely used container orchestration tools available today. With the industry leading platform in place, Google plans to ease the cloud migration process for enterprises. Anthos allows your enterprise to develop and run applications on prem and move it to the cloud instantly.

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With the philosophy of Write Once, Run anywhere, Anthos would allow you to move your on prem applications anywhere on the cloud. With its support for multi and hybrid cloud environment, Anthos shall be one stop place to manage all your cloud resources with different vendors like Azure and AWS. Anthos is completely managed by Google and supports enterprise grade security. It also gives the enterprise access to Google's industry specific solutions that have help your enterprise achieve the goals.

Is Google Anthos perfect for your Enterprise ?

As mentioned earlier, one of the major reasons that is preventing the enterprises to adopt cloud completely is the dependency of applications & code to one platform. Your company is using an application which is currently on prem and you decide to move it to the cloud. There might be high chances that you would need to modify/re-write the application due to the incompatible architecture with the cloud platform. This is a herculean and daunting task for any CIO. Anthos is a game-changer, thanks to its support for multi and hybrid clouds which allows you to seamlessly move your applications from on premise to any of the cloud providers at ease. You don't need to modify anything (in some cases) before taking the leap. Moreover your developers needn't learn different languages for each cloud environment.  And it also ensures that you don't get locked in to a particular vendor.

Multi Cloud support on Anthos. Image Courtesy: Google Anthos
What do you think ? Has Google struck the cord by introducing Anthos ? The Google Cloud doesn't have the market share it should have considering it virtually 'owns' the internet. Comment down below your thoughts and share the post and understand how would Anthos affect the organisations.

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