Day 18 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Last night I did spend some time in coming up with a business strategy for today’s presentation in Business Management. I’ll talk about that and everything else that happened during the day. Since these are the last few weeks into the trimester, most of the faculty are trying to complete their syllabus and assessments. Here's my experience of Day 18 of Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad

Business Model Presentation

The day started with the Business Model Presentation that I had worked in the last class. It was a good learning experience for me, especially working with Business Model Canvas, PESTEL Analysis and things alike. Over the months, our group - SVAAS - have become the defacto to present first whenever there’s one. So like always we were first to present. The faculty did like our concept but one thing that we probably didn’t pay much attention was the Cost and Revenue Model

Business Model Canvas. Courtesy: Cleversim

That’s what every other group emphasised on. We had a group coming up with a costing at the minutest granularity - price of tiles used, price of painting and stuff. Salute to that guy for coming up with that detailed cost. Learning outcome - Cost and Revenue model is something that I / We need to focus more on. This was also the last class before we take the exams head-on. 

Understanding Statistics

For the first time in like a few months I actually understood something in statistics. We started with Scatter Diagram and then went on to calculate Sample Variance for the data collected. It had a couple of formulas (simple ones) where we just have to do some simple calculations and use the formula. I guess that’s the reason, why I understood it. We are done with the syllabus for statistics now. Remain only with one presentation for next week's class.

Viewer in ITM

One of the good things of getting things done in the first is that you can relax in the end and that’s what I’ve done in the last class. People are giving presentations, and I’m writing this. The presentations are on how people are using IT in their organisations or anything about technology and its benefits and concerns. We had presentations on IOT, IT in Aviation and my favourite Software Development Method. We did miss out on the quality stuff of few presentations due to the time-crunch. I loved a presentation on Programmable Advertising and Information Security. Anyways, wee are doe with the syllabus too, now we have a couple of case study presentation and an exam to go with.

That's all about the Day 18 at Executive PGDM at NMIMS in Hyderabad. We have three more days of classes to go before we head for exams. So I should get on with the preparations ideally, but let's see. That's it for today, I shall get back during the next week. Till then do what you love to do.
Cya !
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