Day 17 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

We are nearing the end of the semester (trimester as they call it) Only three more classes to go before get into the examination mode. Most of the subjects have assessments due with presentations and other stuff. Each class we have something or the other to submit and it's getting hectic with each passing day. So here's how Day 17 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad was. 

Digital India and Procurement in ITM

We started off learning about procurement. This includes procurement of Hardware, Software, Security of the System, Networking components and a lot more. We learnt about RFQ and EOI. We also looked into a sample EOI order given by a re-insuring firm. There were so many requirements in the list - everything from implementing to taking care of the legacy systems. We then moved to learning about the Digital India program - the 9 pillars of Digital India and how the country has been progressing in the direction towards technologically enabled nation.

Digital India

Beamer in Statistics

If you have read my last post. I used the same heading there too. Trust me I've no idea whatsoever is happening in Statistics. It's been almost a month and the only terms I can recollect are Testing Hypothesis, Ho, Ha, calculating some Z value, finding z value from some table. Based on that value we decided whether it is a two-tail or one-tail test and based on an alpha value and the z value we accept or reject the hypothesis. I'm actually glad that I remember almost all the steps !

Presentation in Microeconomics

As I mentioned earlier, it's almost the end of the semester and we have only assessments. Today we presented about Private Investments in India. We were team SSVAADD and I'm glad we were well within the time limit. I'm glad things have been going good.

So that's pretty much about the Day 17 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad. The ePGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad is going good but getting hectic with every passing week. I came home today, wrote a post for my main blog, writing this now and after this will be working on coming up with a Business Strategy of coming up with a hotel. Sounds Exciting right ? Well it is, but it isn't easy. Trust me. See you on the other side, in tomorrow's post. Till then do what you love !
Cya !

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