Day 19 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Today's post is going to be a short one. Continuing from the last post, as I already told we are in the last few weeks of classes. 2 more classes to be precise. For most of the subjects we are done with the syllabus. For some subjects we are still left with the so called mid-term exams. Strangely we will have the final exams right after the Mid Terms ! One way it's good that we will get some practice before the final show down. So here's Day 19 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Relaxed Day again

It was supposed to be a day of presentations today. Started off the day with a quick quiz on Accounting. I didn't know much but I'm glad that I did well. The faculty asked one questions about EPS (Earning Per Share) and I got it completely wrong ! Well that was embarrassing since I've did the project on my own and submitted it. May be I'm not studying regularly and due to that I'm not in touch with the subject.

Messed up presentation in Statistics

We then had a group presentation in Statistics. Who does a presentation on Statistics ? Anyways, we had to solve a couple of questions and present the same. I was supposed to work on Chi Square Test.Well before starting and while solving the question, I was quite confident that I've understood it well. But while presenting the faculty told that I've got it wrong. That's not good. After the presentation I checked with the D Company as to where I went wrong. And they told we didn't have to calculate Eij value for all the cells. Just a couple of cells and we will get the remaining ones. Strangely I missed that bit when told in class. I hope it doesn't affect the marks much.

We surely can take tests !

Lastly we had the presentation on ITM. Again a group presentation. We were provided with a Harvard Case Study on Selecting a Hosting Provider. The case study was quite interesting and I had a good time working on it. Remaining guys did put in some effort in coming up with numbers with which we chose the provider. 

Overall a good and chilled out day today too. Next week we have a class on Saturday and Sunday, will surely be a hectic week again. We have a couple of exams and a lot of sessions on Microeconomics ! And these will be the last two classes before we have the final exams of Executive PGDM NMIMS starting from 17th December. That's it for today. Keep doing whatever you love and stay blessed. 
Cya !
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