You can't stop us Nike's ad goes viral !

The video, called "You Can't Stop Us," includes a split screen sewing together film of Black, White, Asian and Muslim competitors. Since it propelled on Thursday, it has been seen 20 million times on Twitter alone. 
It had been seen in excess of 11 million times on YouTube as of Friday evening and numerous analysts extolled its subjects of decent variety, social equity and community. 
You Can't Stop Us.
"We're rarely alone, and that is our quality," says the advertisement's storyteller, ladies' soccer star and equivalent compensation lobbyist Meghan Rapinoe. "Since when we're questioned, we'll play as one. At the point when we're kept down, we'll go farther, and harder. In case we're not paid attention to, we'll refute that. Furthermore, in the event that we don't fit the game, we'll change the game." 
To make the promotion, W+K searched through 4,000 bits of film, picked 72 successions, and joined them to make 36 split-screen minutes; the outcome is stupendous and consistent and makes this maybe perhaps the best advertisement to come out after the pandemic struck us. 

The business compares handicapped and physically fit competitors just as male and female rivals in various games. All through the 90-second recognize, a competitor on one portion of the screen reflects another on the contrary side move-for-move, as though they are a solitary individual. 
The promotion additionally addresses the Covid-19 emergency, demonstrating split-screen pictures of laborers in hazardous materials suits showering down arena seats.
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