Day 15 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Continuing from my last post, again today was supposed to be a so called chilled out day too. Had a couple of relaxed sessions today along with a scheduled test. One thing that I'm noticing is that class by class it's getting tougher to juggle between work and college and everything else. I've already seen a couple of guys taking leave number of times due to work and now they are facing issues with either attendance or have to re-appear for the exams. Anyways here's my experience of Day 15 at Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad.

Insightful Session on Business

We were supposed to have a quiz today but fortunately/unfortunately it is postponed for the next week. Today was an insightful session - at least for me. Being from a computer engineering background, talking about Market Share, Market Growth, Business Strategy and things alike is exciting. We were given a group presentation to put forward our business model and strategy on running a hotel. Exciting, Isn't it ?

Types of Business Strategy

Cash Flow analysis in Accounting

We have been going leaps and bound in Accounting. I'm glad that I've understood a good amount of things. At least I now know where to find Assets and Financial Expenses in an Annual Report. We worked out an example on Cash Flow analysis. Dealt with various types of expenses, income and operating income. Since it was the last class, we tried working it out but took some time to understand it. I sat with A and we both worked out the example. Things were smooth, it's always good to work in groups.

All in all a good and chilled out week I'd say. But the coming week is going to be exceedingly hectic.We have almost 7-8 assignments to submit, presentations to do and a couple of exams to appear for. I'm glad that at least I've completed a couple of them, so I'm relaxed on that front. But I'll have to spend time to make the presentation. So that's it from this week. Have a great time and love what you do.
Cya !
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