Day 14 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

This one is going to be a chilled out post, just like my day. It's been close to 3 months in the Executive PGDM program at NMIMS Hyderabad, and today was actually a pretty relaxed day. But then again we have classes even tomorrow also so a pretty hectic week this one. 5 days hectic office and then 2 days classes and back to work from Monday. So here's my experience of Day 14 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad. (Last Post)

Statistics Test

The day started with the mid term exam on Quantitative Techniques. We were informed well in advance and just like normal students we had it postponed a couple of times :P Students hone ka hak banta hai. Nahi ? Share your views in the comment section below. Eventually it was the day for the test. The topic included a question from Outlier Detection, one on Poisson Distribution, one on Normal Distribution and one on Bayes Theorem. The test was good I'd say, not so tough. I hope I'll do good, let's see. Post the test we did something in Testing of Hypothesis for two variables. Something about one tail and two tail analysis, z table and things on the same lines.

Trade ka Funda in Microeconomics

After a long time we had a sort of proper class on Microeconomics. But before we started we had a surprise quiz. Consisted of 8 questions about general principles like Market Equilibrium, Market Failure, Public Goods, Demonetisation, Externalities, Elasticity and a like. I thought this was a reality check as to how much we know in the subject. It was good, I knew some fundas but only time will say whether those are correct or not. Later on we discussed about Trade and how things affect it. Things like Language, Infrastructure and much more.

Cafe Coffee Day instead of ITM

The last lecture today was supposed to be IT for Managers but for some reason we were informed that that class is cancelled as the faculty had some emergency to attend. And that's why I mentioned earlier that it was a chilled out day at the beginning of the post ! Most of them went home after the news, however we guys - team SSVAADD with V and one S missing in action - decided to chill out. We headed to a cafe nearby, ordered something to drink, took our seats and kicked off the session :P

CCD time !

A quick intro about the team - S is fun loving person and I always enjoy her company. A, a mother and an experienced Corporate Junkie, fun to be around and lots to learn from her. D and D are a cute couple and I love talking to them in Gujarati ! We discussed about everything from corporate culture, parenting, movies, sports and every possible thing. This was one of the best bonding sessions I've had after joining college again. Five days we are busy at work, weekends we just talk about assignments and stuff, so this was a much needed one. Thanks guys !

So that was Day 14 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad. Tomorrow is supposed to be a test on Understanding Management Objectives and I have no clue what's to be done ! Have some PPTs and PDFs that's how the Kids from the 90s study now a days :P Let's see what's in store for tomorrow. Signing off for the day. Keep reading this and share your views. Till then do whatever you love.
Cya !
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