Day 10 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Couple of months journey and it has been only 9 days of classes, today being  10th day. As we move towards the end of the trimester (December 2017) lectures are becoming more intense and there’s a lot of things to assimilate. Anyways, there’s no option. Good thing is that this is something that I like, so I will do it ! As mentioned in my last post, today was going to be a chilled out today. So here’s the Day 10 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Hyper loop in ITM

Once again we had a run through the cyber security concepts. Last class we learnt about SDLC models along with database basics. Today it was more about securing the IT Systems. Right from Identity Management to Firewalls and wireless network security. Then we talked about all the possible attacks like Virus, Trojan Horses, DDOS and the likes. So it was an overview about Cyber security and what all a manager needs to know protecting their data. Since everyone is sitting on a pile of data so cyber security is important. Again, I have a presentation to do after Diwali along with a quiz. So lets see

Macroeconomics - a bouncer ?

We were meeting after a long time, and yes there were test papers to be distributed. I remember I had no done pretty good in the tests. I focused on the concepts and probably missed out on th formulae and that’s where I missed out. However I’m happy with the marks as I got more than what I expected. Anyways, we were introduced about the concepts of Fiscal and Monetary Policies and how these affect the Aggregate Demand Graph. Also we learnt about Liquidity theory (I might be wrong here) where we saw how RBI controls the supply of money in the market. Be it the interest rates, or buying of bonds. Further we were introduced to concept of Multiplier Effect and Crowding Out. How an amount of 20Cr invested further generates more spending and that continues. That’s where we learnt about MCP and how it affects the economy. We then learnt about few ratios(measures) like CRR, SLR, and Repo Rates. We’ll the concepts are new in terms of understanding. Have read it in newspaper, but will surely take time to understand those. A presentation is due next week plus a case study so yes packed for th next week.

Repo Rates

Understanding Business

Last class was about Understanding Management concepts. We had a revision since we met after a month, so a revision was must. Post this we had a group presentation and had to present a business idea. Well, the only thing I learnt from this event was how important working in a team is. Moreover whatever I had learnt from my Entrepreneurship course from MIT, USA were gone for a toss. There were a lot of presentations, but my personal favourite of the day was by a team that talked on the lines of co-working spaces. I obviously won't share the idea as this is unique and might make it big.  That's something really unique and innovative, something I felt our team lacked.

That was Day 10 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS at Hyderabad. I had thought of a chilled out day, it turned out to be one. Next week is Diwali and hence we don't have any class. It's a long weekend but we have a lot of assignments, tests and presentations. So these holidays I'll probably spend in preparing for the d-day.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Diwali in advance. May you be blessed with success and prosperity. Have a great time  celebrating Diwali and say no to crackers. That's is for today, see you on the other side on 28th. Till then have fun and do what you love !

Cya !
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