Day 9 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Okay, I admit that this is pretty late. Usually, I tend to write the posts as soon as I'm home. Today the traffic was worse, reached home late and the cascading effect led me to writing this post now. Last class we had a quiz on Accounting along with some regular sessions on Statistics and IT for Managers. Today the Day 9 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad was a bit relaxed day in terms of quiz and assignments, but was quite a heavy day in terms of the things we learnt. So here's Day 9 proceedings.

Probability Lessons

The day started with session on Statistics. Earlier class we learnt about relative probability and something one the lines of bi-variable probability where in we had a couple of parameters to look at to deduce the probability. Today we started with some basics on Random Variable. We learnt how to assign probability to outcomes that are not sure to happen and so on. Ghosts of my engineering days came in when we started learning about Bayes Theorem
Bayes Theorem
Deep within I was just praying that God please don't ask me to prove this thing ! I've had enough of this already in engineering. But all credits to the professor for making this a breeze. The formula is the only thing that I should remember. Also we solved a couple of quick questions to understand the same. Over all a good class, lots to learn and understand and obviously practise. And yes, we have a mid term test for this one on 5th Nov. Have set a reminder, hopefully I'll study for it.

Ratios in Accounting

Last week we had the quiz and had to submit an assignment. I'm glad that I did the assignment on my own and took help of D to verify the same. Got full marks for that, and that surely boosted my confidence a bit. Anyways, today it was more about tangible and intangible assets and how we can present the same in the balance sheet. Apart from these we also started with some Financial Ratios - Credit Ratios, Debt Ratios, EBITDA and the likes. 
List of all important formulae
Also we were introduced to Horizontal Analysis, Vertical Analysis and Trend Analysis. Further we have been assigned a project work to prepare a Financial Report for a listed company. My search for a small cap, listed company is done and hopefully I'll start on this soon. Frankly, I felt excited browsing Money Control, going through S&P Small Cap stocks. The reason probably is because this is something hatke from the IT field and something that I want to learn. So yeah, a good class again. Next week - after Diwali - we will have our mid-terms and that is something I really need to learn. Here's a good list of all the Financial Ratio formulae.

Microeconomics as Usual

After a delicious lunch of Chhole and Paneer it was time to learn about Microeconomics. This is one of the few subjects where I don't have much idea where we are heading. Today was a similar session. Since there wasn't much that happened, I won't write much. We did note down the syllabus and topics to learn from the book. Apart from this we got few assignments to do for the next class. 

Final Thoughts

So that was Day 9 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS at Hyderabad. You might feel that it's just been 10 days of classes over a couple of months. Well because we have classes over weekends. Anyways, this week is pretty chilled out however the one after Diwali is going to be a roller-coaster with all assignments, presentations and test waiting to have a go at us. Wish us Luck !

So that's it for today, I hope you are finding these posts helpful. Signing off for the day, have a great time and do what you love !
Cya !
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