2nd Sem Results Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad

Having given the a proper exam last semester, we all got a feel of how things are what to expect. We were done with our exams last month and must say that NMIMS is pretty quick in generating the results. It's barely a month since our exams and the results were announced today. I was at my desk when I got the SMS saying that the results are declared for Trimester 2 of Executive MBA. The only thing that was running in my mind was "Please, no F. Please !"
Yaay ! Courtesy:efinancialcareers

I quickly logged in to the SAP portal. I'm glad that I had my credentials saved, because some of my friends are still unable to access the portal. Anyways, the login was quick. Quickly selected the options and hit on Submit hoping there's no F. The page loaded, I glanced, didn't find any red marking. Got some confidence, directly saw the CGPA and Whoa ! I did better than what I did last time.

As mentioned earlier too, NMIMS follows a 4  point grading scale. And according to that, I scored a whopping 3.85/4, beating the estimates that I had in mind. This is 0.16 points more than what I scored last time. But more importantly, I cleared Financial Accounting.That was one subject which I was scared off and I'm glad I cleared it.

While I enjoy the success, there are friends who haven't done well in the exams too. My support to all of them and hope for the best. That's it for today, I'm excited ! Monday has become MonYaay !
2nd Sem Results Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad 2nd Sem Results Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on June 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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