Day 40: Presentations, Test and Unearthing the Power of MS Excel

The day kicked off with Managerial Accounting class. I'm glad that I've finally understood Activity Based Costing. If you also want to know about it, check out my post on ABC here. We did a presentation on the Classic Pen case study which was pretty insightful. Post that we had  surprise test that left all of us (at least me) baffled as I had no idea what I'd do. Set of 11 questions, few fill in the blanks and other numericals. There were questions on Variance Analysis. I didn't get all of them correct, but managed to get a few of them right. So that was the story about it.

Cost to Capital and Unearthing Power of Excel

Trust me the only thing that I can relate to Beta is Beta Release of an app. Cumon, being a Software Developer what else would you expect of me ! Anyways, the session today was too much to digest.There were only two people talking in the class - the faculty and Mr. D. We learnt about Cost of Capital then moved to Beta - Levering and De-levering calculations. One amazing thing that I learnt today was the ability of Microsoft Excel. My career all this while has been about IDEs, APIs, Source Repos and SRS, never really used Excel at work. However today we did some regression analysis and boy Excel is a beast. We used the Data Analysis Tool's Regression capability and it immediately through up  a table with all sorts of numbers including ANOVA ! Boy, that's cool !

Power of MS Excel. Courtesy: Udemy

Last Strategy Class

Today was the last Business Strategy Class of this trimester and it started with a MCQ quiz. I thought it would be easy but it surely wasn't. Surely had to think and there was no way of doing the inki pinky ponk key thing. That made me realise that I can't take this lightly. Anyways that was done and dusted in few minutes followed by our presentation on Patanjali. A group of IT folks talking about FMCG company, surely a great deal for us (read me) I loved digging into the facts about the industry and the company. Though I felt the professor expected more from the presentation, (which we could have done) but I feel in the end all went well.

That's about the Day 40 of the Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. Exactly a month from today we have our Second Trimester Exams and I haven't started preparations yet. Barring the few Corporate Finance and Accounting questions that I've posted on the blog. That's all folks for tonight, hoping to read about Cost of Capital and posting my understandings here.
Cya !
Day 40: Presentations, Test and Unearthing the Power of MS Excel Day 40: Presentations, Test and Unearthing the Power of MS Excel Reviewed by The Executive on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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