Day 39: Presentations, Finance and Presentations

Today was a rather relaxed day because of a couple of presentations lined up for the day. Had been preparing for these for the the entire of last week. We have a presentation going on now and someone is talking about Forest Essentials. (I'm done with mine and hence utilising this time to write this post, so that I can reach home and watch the IPL match :P)

Strategy Presentation

This was out last presentation for Business Strategy formulation. Last week we talked about Hyper competition and today we had to talk about any company and talk about it's strategies. We had presentations talking about strategies of Hindustan Unilever, First Cry, Royal Enfield to name a few. Our team has worked on Patanjali Ayurveda. Reason ? Well, I guess it was because everyone in our group is from an IT background. So we wanted to test ourselves in different waters. Unfortunately the other members weren't able to attend the class today because of their business commitments due to which our presentation is pushed to the next class - the last class for Business Strategy Formulation.

Valuing Bonds and Stocks 

Post the pretty chilled out Strategy class, it was time to dig into numbers. If you are following the blog, you would have read my earlier posts on Bond valuation, Capital Budgeting Tools and you can calculate them. Today we continued our learning on Bond Valuations and then proceeded to Stock Valuations. Few terms like NPVGO (pardon me if that is wrong, had less idea of what happened) So it was few numercials. I wished if I had practised the sums (at least some) in the last week so that I could have understood something today :(

Marketing Mix. Courtesy: YouTube

Marketing Presentation - A learning Curve

For marketing we were supposed to present about a company or a hypothetical idea and talk about its Marketing Mix, Segmentation Targeting Positioning along with the 5C (Customer, Company, Collaborator, Context and Competitors) analysis. So I tried to take a different way by pitching in an idea that I had earlier pitched during my Entrepreneurship Course at MIT (via Edx) Well, it went well, the audience did love the concept. But (as expected) I was bombarded with questions talking about revenues and margins. An area where I didn't touch upon. I know it's a integral part of any pitch, but I don't know why I keep missing that out ? Is it because I'm not so good with numbers ? (I shouldn't be saying this being a Computer Programmer and a future Executive) Well, this is surely an area I have to work upon, a serious effort needed. Need to figure out how I can understand the revenue and cost streams. So overall a good experience, at least I got some good, genuine feedback from the faculty as well as the audience. 

That's about it for today. This month is going to be long (5 Sundays) with mostly Accounting, Finance and Operations classes remaining. I have found some time to understand Managerial Accounting - Activity Based Costing, Process Costing and things a like. So see you on the other side, have a wonderful time ahead !
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