Day 38: Hyper-competition, Marketing and Managerial Accounts

Today was all about presentations (at least that's what I thought) From what I remember, we were supposed to have a couple of presentations today - one on Business Strategy Formulation and the other on Marketing Management. However, there was only one that happened. So sorry to everyone in class for creating a confusion. Moving on, here's how the Day 38 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad was.


The day started with Business Strategy Formulation and it was time for presentation. Our topic was Hypercompetition and I'm sure even you will be in a good position to answer that. We had about 50 slides divided amongst 3 members. I like always, took the opening bit and was quite satisfied with how I did. The idea today was to be a little slow and take pauses during the presentation .Usually (I feel) that I'm a little fast during presentations. So on that front, it was good. As from the audience and faculty's view, I guess it was good. If the faculty walks up to you after class and appreciates the presentation, you know it's good ;)


Marketing Management

Today again we solved a couple of case studies. One was on Western India and the other one was on Fashion Channel. The first one was more about Customer Relationship while the other one talked about the importance of correctly segmenting your audience and targeting the right people. It was a lazy class, and I wished we had the presentation. 

Variance Analysis and Budgeting

This is one subject in the second semester of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad that I'm sure is giving me a tough time. After doing a bit of Activity Based Costing in the last lecture, we spoke about Budgeting today. Learnt about Flexible and Fixed Budgets and their components. Materials, Labour, Sales and one more thing. Post that we solved  a numerical and quickly jumped to Variance Analysis. So we learnt about Material Cost Variance, Material Use Variance, Material Price Variance, Material Mix Variance and Material Yield Variance. (Whoa ! How did I remember that !?)  We had about 5 formulae to calculate these and though they were kindof simple, it wasn't easy for me at least. My somewhat logical brain is designed to work with computers and programs and not with accounts I guess.

Variance Analysis. Image Courtesy: Slideshare
So that's it about the Day 38 of the Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad. The new batch, Batch 16 had their orientation today and has a strength of 26. Also, there's a news coming in that students of the regular MBA course at NMIMS Hyderabad are moving to the new campus in Jadcherla which is like 100kms one way from Hyderabad ! That's insane, I wonder how the students and faculty will cope with it. Enough for today, will continue in the next class. Glad that we don't have any classed on Saturday this month !
Cya !
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