Day 37: Late Post (Again)

This was supposed to come live last Sunday, but had a birthday party to attend after the class. Visited the Mashaal Restaurant in Banjara Hills. This is quite far away from the college, but glad didn't miss much action there :P

As for the sessions, I guess we had sessions on Marketing, Operations Management and Managerial Accounting. For Marketing, there wasn't much apart from learning about case study plus a presentation that is to be done in the coming week. For operations, we learnt about scheduling. So basically understood what job stations are, how work comes to station. Learnt about the various scheduling algorithms (this sounds cooler !) like Shortest Processing Time, Earliest Delivery Time, First Come First Serve and so on. We also learnt about Johnson's rule that talks about scheduling when there are 2 stations. Also we solved numericals on laziness and tardiness and why tardiness is preferred (because it doesn't consider the jobs that were delivered before time

Johnson's Rule. Courtesy: Slideshare
For Managerial Accounting, as far as I remember, we got an introduction to Activity Based Costing and something about budgets. Absolutely no idea what happened there. Also discussed a case study - Classic Pens - which we were supposed to submit as assignment today, which I completed partially.

So that was it for the Day 37 of the Executive MBA course at NMIMS Hyderabad. See you on the other side.
Cya !
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