Day 35: A relaxed Day

Since this was the second Saturday week, we had classes on both Saturday as well as Sunday and that is too tiring ! Luckily for us we had classes just till lunch today hence I'm able to write this post now. Else on any other Sunday I'd be in the cafeteria enjoying the 10 min break right now. Here's how my day was. Day 35 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. 

Managerial Accounting after a month

Right ! We were meeting after a  month and trust me the faculty exactly asked "Who am I ?" :P He wasn't wrong. Most of us forgot what was taught, but we do remember him. The first bit was spent in recollecting what we've been doing. Post that we solved a case study on Costing and then moved to Process Costing. Since I have the laptop with me, I'm fine. However, I'm wondering how the exams would be. There are so many formulae to remember, plus I can't even link cells on paper !

Forecasting in Operations Management

The last session today was Operations Management. We continued from where we left off in the last post. We did Queuing Theory - Lq, Ls, Wq and Ws. We used the lambda and mu values and solved a couple of numericals on Queuing theory. After that, we were briefed about the basics of forecasting. Since we didn't do much in Quants last semester, there wasn't much that we could do. We then learnt about static and adaptive forecasting along side learning about Demand and Supply Forecasting. We saw how we could manage the demand by either modifying the inventory or the capacity. Also we did talk about level and chase models of demand forecasting.

Demand forecasting. Courtesy: Rategain
Phew ! Wrote three posts in a span of 30 mins ! That's fast. That was pretty much what was done today. The Day 35 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. It's already mid-March and most of the course are coming to an end with their syllabus. Just one more month before the exams to begin and I still haven't opened the books yet :( Need to start shifting focus here too !

So signing off for today, see you on the other side. 
Cya !
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