Day 34: Operations Test, Strategy and Marketing Day

Just finished writing the Day 33 post. I know it was late, and I've mentioned the reason for the same too. After a week of hectic travelling, I was home on Friday just to learn that there were a couple of assignments to be submitted for Corporate Finance along with a test in Operations Management. Anyways, here's how the Day 34 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad was.

Starting off with Startegy

The first session of the day was Strategy Formulation. We had done a presentation the last time we met. This time it was a continuation of that. We learnt about various strategies and how the same is conveyed to the folks at the shop floor. There's strategy at corporate level, the functional level and finally at the grass-root level. We also did some reading on Offensive and Defensive strategies that companies employ. One of the examples that was brought up in the discussion was the recent advertisements of Bajaj Dominar taking on Royal Enfield.

Case Study discussion for Marketing

This time around the professor wanted to show us how to actually approach a case study. We were taught how to first note the facts available and then analyse and put our thoughts. We worked on a couple of case studies of Snapple and Microfridge. Both were interesting case studies, but I somehow like the Snapple one. It showcases how a brand goes through a roller coaster ride when it is acquired by another competitor.

Snapple Case Study. Courtesy: Amazon

Test in Operations

The faculty walked in with a box of sweets. We congratulated him even before he told anything and grabbed the sweet box. The occasion was that he had become a Grandfather ! Yaay ! But that didn't help us postpone the test :( We had the test with 3 theoretical questions and one problem. I was able to solve the problem and was getting the right answer. However wasn't able to interpret what the numbers meant :( Even though my answer was right, I though they were wrong ! Anyways, post the test, we started with the Queuing Theory and understood how queues function. Single Server, Single queue model is what we started with. We were able to relate it to the real life scenarios of malls and banks where the queue stations worked at full capacity during peak hours and half otherwise.

That's all about the Day 34 of Executive MBA program at NMIMS Hyderabad. For folks who are interested in enrolling for the course, the last date for applying for the next semester is 24th March. So if you are interested in joining the course, visit the website and talk to Sujatha who can setup an interview and do the remaining bit. That brings me to the end of this post, see you all in the next post !
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