Day 32 Presentation, Accounts and Consumer Behaviour

It's a Girl ! was the talk of the class today as one of our classmate became a daddy to a beautiful angel. We all know how happy and important the occasion is. We also knew that there were sweets around the corner ;) Today was the Day 32 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad. I know we had a class last week itself, but it felt like I was attending college after ages ! Maybe it was due to work place pressure of meeting tight deadlines. Anyways, here's how the day unfolded.

Intel Presentation for Strategy Formulation

The first lecture today was Business Strategy Formulation and we were supposed to showcase our presentations done on the case studies assigned to our groups. Called the 'Tech Guys' our group got Intel. One thing to note is that, today was the first time ever during this course that my group didn't open the presentation session. Till date whatever presentations we gave, our group was always the first. Anyways, we had a good presentation, the faculty was all praise for the way we aligned ourselves with the case study, performed the SWOT analysis as well as the Porter's 5 forces model.

Managed to understand something in Corporate Finance

I was completely blank in the Corporate Finance class. In my last post, I mentioned that I enrolled myself for a Corporate Finance course to understand things better. Nobody to blame, but couldn't do much justice to it. However today's class was about NPV and IRR rates. These rates basically help a manager to decide which project to choose in terms of the returns based on the initial investment. I don't know what was the reason, but I did manage to grasp something today ! Yaay !

IRR vs NPV graph. Courtesy: JDLangton

Consumer Behaviour in Marketing

By the time it is the last lecture of the day, we are completely drained out. So the last class has to be interactive else you wouldn't be surprised if any one of us actually slept ! We first spent time talking about the movie tucker, (we were supposed to watch it before coming to class, which I didn't - reason: I'm not into movies) Post that we discussed about Market Research with some examples including the likes of Gillette an other P&G product. Loved the below video which shows how well Gillette researched the consumer behaviour in India to arrive with the Gillette guard shaving razors ! This is one subject that I'm interested in and planning to choose this as a major subject in the later part of the executive PGDM course.

So that's about it, that 32nd Day of the executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad. Things have been pretty good all this while, except a few hiccups from the admin side. They usually have some approvals, inputs pending from the Mumbai HQ which delays many things. Anyways, meet you in March ! Till then, do what you love !
Cya !
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