Day 31 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad

Today was our 31st class of the Executive MBA program at NMIMS Hyderabad. That's about a month that most of have sticked together. The whole bunch of folks have been amazing all this while and I've got to learn a lot from them. Especially being from the IT Industry, it isn't easy to get the hang of Manufacturing and Retail terms at first. I'd say I'm slowly and steadily getting there. Here's how the Day 31 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad was.

Operations Management kicked off the day

The day started with Operations Management and we were supposed to have submitted our assignments by yesterday. Well I did it much before and glad that the faculty remembered that I was one amongst the handful who submitted (can't blame them, all of them have been very busy all this while) We learnt about Process Analysis. So we talked about Low volume, High variation products. Mid volume and Mid variation products as well as High Volume and low variation products. Did take a while to understand this. Also solved the Sphinx Case Study, as per his solution mine I guess wasn't upto the mark. Wonder why I always leave the numbers behind ? Guess I should focus on being friends with numbers !

Marketing Management 

This was the last class of the day, yes we did leave early as one of the classes got cancelled. Coming to marketing, we discussed the Sarvodaya Samiti case study that I spoke about in the earlier post. Post that we also discussed the case of Naturals Ice cream - this article. It's good that we are learning from the brands we see around us and analysing their marketing / promotion or distribution strategy.

Naturals Ice Cream case study. Courtesy:

That's it about this week. Have another class this month which would be the last class this month. Have a group presentation next week on Intel - excited to work on a company that I admire a lot for their innovation and path breaking technologies. That's all for today, see you on the other side.
Cya !
Day 31 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad Day 31 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on February 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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