Day 12 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Continuing from where I left off in the last post, today's day was relatively relaxed one. There weren't many heavy subjects in the day. Time is flying as most off the faculties are getting done with their syllabus. We on the other hand are in a state of shock as so much has been done and we don't know much. Blame of the tight schedule - Mon to Fri office and Saturday Sunday classes. Definitely not easy to cope with the tight schedule. Anyways here's how Day 12 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad was.

Insightful Management Session

The first session of the day was Understanding Management Objective/Organisation. I did mention in the last post that there a quiz due today. But that didn't happen as 'we' postponed it to next week. I wonder what all we can complete in the next week ! Instead we had an amazing session on Business Value and Business Strategy. We were introduced to the concept to Business Model Canvas. (Read Here)This is an amazing tool that can help you visualise your idea and understand how it would benefit you and the customer. We tried to map many real world business to this canvas and realised everything fits perfectly. We also saw a small video on this and I totally loved it. So below is the playlist of all the videos. I hope you'll find it helpful.

Learning about Project Management 

Next session was IT for Managers. We have already completed a sizable portion of the syllabus already. And I wonder, how will I prepare for it. Anyways, today we started the class by learning about how to go about developing Information Systems and what all goes into it. This is a vast topic indeed. However considering the hyperloop nature of ITM, we were quickly done with this. Followed this by another session on Project Management and done with that too ! 

Presentation in Business Environment

Last couple of sessions were of Business Environment. We were supposed to present our case studies today and my group had done a great job in getting ready for this one. Thanks Guys ! We started off with session by learning about Philip Curve and it's relation with the Aggregate Demand Curve. We also learnt about Natural Unemployment graph and how that is affected in the short and long term. The session was light, but since we had presentation following this, I guess most of us were worried about it and were not paying full attention on what was happening. 

Philip Curve Graph

We were the first group to present and it went well. What I liked about my team was the co-ordination. Each member was given full freedom to present their bit and no one interrupted the other while they were speaking. Overall I think we did great. As for marks, I guess we shall know about it in the next week.

So that is all about Day 12 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad. Not that eventful but then again had a lot of things. Next week is going to be very hectic as we have a test on statistics, ITM presentation followed by BE presentation, an assignment in ME and a quiz on UMO. I wonder how will we complete all of this. Right, so I'll see you in November, till then do whatever you love and stay happy.
Cya !
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