Macro Economics - GDP, Inflation, GDP Deflator

So during our last class of Business Environment, we learnt about the basic concepts of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - Real and Nominal GDP, Inflation, GDP Deflator, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and alike. As I told, I did find it exciting, especially with the example of samosa and bhel :P Anyways below are a couple of wonderful resources I came across on these topics. Hope it helps !

GDP at 7 ? Image Courtesy: OneIndia

  • SparkNotes: This website has laid out the basic concepts in a very simple manner. Just like we learnt from samosa and bhel, this guy talks about bananas and stuff. Hence could correlate. I suggest you sit with a pen and paper and try to solve it, I'm pretty sure you'll understand. Apart from this, the site also talks about why CPI is a bad way to calculate Inflation. Link here.
  • Khan Academy: You all probably know about Khan Academy. The website in fact has a complete course on Macro-economics. Starts with the Circular Cash Flow concept and moves to GDP, Inflation and so on. A great site, videos are pretty good too. Have a look at it here.
I hope you found these links helpful, will keep on updating if I find something else too. Happy learning :)
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