Day 3 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Day 3 or (Week 3 I should say) is on and we have had pretty much all the subjects for the first trimester of the Executive PGDM at NMIMS,Hyderabad. Except Quants we had all the subjects at least once. So this was our first interaction with the subject. For me Quants was never my cup of tea. Be it during my mock interviews or the actual interview rounds, it all looks and sound alien to me. So without wasting any time let me tell how the Day 3 of the Executive PGDM program at NMIMS Hyderabad was.

Quantitative Techniques

"Aaj to seriously padhai karni hai, sachhi..." exclaimed my friend S just when she entered the class. What was our reaction ? Well obviously we shared a good laugh at it. The first lecture was Quants and the professor taking the subject was the same one who had taken my interview. Anyways, he started with asking How many of us hated Maths, and I was the first one to raise my hand. Then he asked, How many of you hate Mathematicians ? Well I don't hate mathematicians, in fact most of my friends are BFFs with Maths ! The lecture started with some basic terms like Frequency Distribution, Cumulative Frequency, Mean, Median, Mode and stuff alike. Apart from these we were also introduced with few advanced terms like Box Plotting, Outlier Detection, Whiskers  and much more. Well I did understand it and made smileys all over my notebook because I got all of them right ! All in all the first lecture and was pretty good.

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Next in line was Microeconomics. Well we didn't have much learning in the first two classes last week and were hoping to learn something today. But once again, we did spend a good time discussing poverty, nation and a lot of other irrelevant concepts. However what we learnt today included Demand Supply Graphs, Economic Elasticity. Not yet deep dived into the subject yet, hope that we do that soon.

The lunch today was different, I did take a couple of pics, but I'm lazy to transfer it to my laptop right now. There was the tirangle paratha, Paneer Curry, Cholle, Rice and Dal. Didn't have much but yet loved the food. Post lunch we had a couple of session on Financial Accounting. There has already been a lot of talk about it on the blog it self. We haven't yet got access to blackboard (their internal student portal) yet and the admin folks have been saying we'll get it next week. I hope we get it this week. Anyways, the professor shared some ppts and I did make few notes from the first one and understood it properly. But because of lack of time managing work and this, couldn't do much.

Ghost of Balance Sheet is here 

We talked about Balance Sheet and started with processing transactions. Well I'll admit that I didn't understand this bit at all. Especially the bit where the transactions are put under different accounts. I mean do you take any account name you like ? I'll take some time to get this, Seriously. Later we did learn how to post journal entries, T-account and Trial Balance. I did understand the Journal entry a little and was comfortable, but yet again, the T-Account (Balance Sheet)  is something that surely needs some serious efforts from my end. I remembered that my friends back in college used to say Credit what comes in and Debit what goes out (or something like that)

So a long day, but a good one. I'm enjoying it, maybe because I'm getting any insights on how a firm functions. I have earlier done a course by IIM Bangalore on EdX on IT Innovation Management and Planning and an Entrepreneurship course by MIT. I loved those MOOCs. In short, I'm having a good time, need to focus more on FA for now. 

That's it for today, signing off for tonight, next class tomorrow (yes no weekend this time :() so will post the update as soon as I'm done with the classes tomorrow around same time. Till then have fun and do whatever your love !

Cya !
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