Day 2 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Last week itself we had received our time table for this month, so we knew what we were in for. Further we had already had introductions (our introduction and the subject's) Today we were supposed to have sessions on Business Environment, Financial Accounting and Microeconomics. Frankly I thought that except Accounting, everything would turn out to be easy. Well, read on to find out how it was !

Business Environment

Since this was the first class, we had the introductions (again any by now we know who is who and who works where) Once that was done, she started talking about Macroeconomics. After a while, some of us thought whether the professor came to a wrong class ! Subject is Business Environment and we were talking Macroeconomics. We started off with talking about basic definitions. Got to have a tete-a-tete with vital terms like GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Inflation - Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and a lot more. Frankly I was glad to understand the basics of what all I read in the newspaper. The growth has stalled, GDP has reduced, Inflation has increased and so on... So overall a productive session for me. But I do have to spend a substantial time on getting the basics right before its too late...

Business Environment. Courtesy:

Financial Accounting

We were meeting for the second time for Financial Accounting. Last time around we had learnt some basics like type of companies, equity and Information Asymmetry - well it was this term on which our class took off today. The initial half we talked about GAAP principles.  After a while we were talking about Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements, Assets, Liabilities, Depreciation,  Goodwill, Tangible/Intangible assets, Amortization and a lot more. We had a few people asking questions but there were only two of them answering the questions posed. Let's call them D and R1. Now I know whom to go to before exams :P


Post lunch - we again had Aloo Bhindi. But had Chole, Dal, Rice and all the other standard items. Loved it again ! we had a session of Accounting followed by a couple of lectures on Microeconomics. The professor walked in and asked us to write our names on placard. He started with some philosophical talks when a question was asked, and again it was D who answered, and what followed was a barrage of cultural gyan w.r.t to USA. We had a good talk on western culture, gender inequality which finally reached microeconomics. Phew ! Again a question asked and once again, our very own D had the answer. So unanimously we declared D as the star of the week ! On a serious note, it was a introductory session so we were only introduced of the course outline.

All in all a good day, a hot day I should say on Day 2 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad. Had to sit near the AC during every break. Getting to know each one of them better and I must say I'm fortunate to have gotten such amazing bunch of folks. I agree, it's just the Day 2 of the hundreds of classes lined up, I'm sure I would make great friends for life along side learning the fundas of Management
Day 2 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad Day 2 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on September 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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