Day 4 - Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Somehow I'm finding this blog a great way for revision. As it is I don't get much time, but through this I'm able to recollect all that was on the day. I've reached home, waiting for the pizza to be delivered (Pizza cravings) as I write this post. My other (main) blog too has a lot of pending comments which I'll probably look into. So here are the proceedings of Day 4 of the Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Management Organisation

Today was a relatively chilled out Sunday. Thanks to the subjects, the day started with a couple of lectures on Understanding Management Organisation. We had a few case studies in the previous class and today we were going to learn about the History of Management. We started with how a theory was put forward in the 3000BC and how things have been improving since then. A theory about how to deal with - forgetting the name of the person who deviced this - 4 different category of people as a Manager. These included people who are:

  1. Not Willing and Not Capable
  2. Not Willing and Capable
  3. Willing and Not Capable
  4. Willing and Capable
These were some really good insights. Me not being into the managerial post yet, I got a lot of wonderful insights from other class mates. There were a lot of other things, which I don't remember at this point of time. 

What management is ? Image Courtesy: LinkedIn

IT For Managers - a familiar territory

Next in line was IT for Managers. I feel that this is something that IS my cup of tea, but then again there are a lot of concepts to pay attention to. We learnt about Information Life-Cycle and an overview of Information Systems. We got some insights into what all components are a part of an Information System. And a wonderful thing that I actually learnt is that an Information System isn't just about computer systems and servers ! It includes everything from people to policies, cultures and everything. So still the basics, but we've already completed one chapter from the text book :O Seriously need to prepare a time table to study now !

Post lunch we had Micro-economics. Since the professor was a little late, we had our very own R1 taking a short but insightful session on balance sheets. Debit what comes in and Credit what goes out ! A big shout out to him for this one and we unanimously declare R1 as the Star of the Week ! As usual, there wasn't much to discuss. A lot of philosophical talk along with few economics concepts. Continued from what we learnt about Positive and Negative externalities, Public and Private goods. So not much here yet, but I'm a little worried now. As it is we have only a few classes and we haven't actually done anything substantial yet. Let's see...

So ya, that was how Day 4 of the Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad was. I've found some amazing friends, it's great to having lunch together and going for tea. It's nice to meet new people and I'm surely having an amazing time with them. After a 5 day week and continuous classes on weekends, I'll be getting back to work tomorrow :( So an off day is what is needed. I do need to device a time table to study as I mentioned earlier, can 't leave this for the end.

Signing off for today, have a wonderful week and do what you love !

Cya :)

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  1. It's been few weeks slowly everyone is getting to know each others and interacting more often.. Still a long way to go within our batch.. Hope we will sail through next two years .

    The best part so far is new learning and new theories and definitely getting to new people.
    Sharing experiences and acquiring knowledge in a common platform without being judged.


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