Entrepreneurship 101: Understanding Business Model Canvas - Revenue

In the entire series of Understanding Business Model canvas, we learnt about various aspects of setting up a business. Right from the value proposition, to channels, your partners, resources and costs.In the last post we talked about the Cost in a Business Model Canvas. However, What's the main reason to do business ? Generate some cash flow and expand. In the post - the last post of this series - we will be talking about the Revenue Streams in a Business Model Canvas.

Business Model Canvas - Revenue

Revenue in Business Model Canvas

This is a relatively the simplest one to understand in the entire series. We all know that revenue is the money that comes in which keeps your business up and running. From helping you with the operational needs to fulfilling your expansion desires, money is what is needed. Revenue stream in a business model canvas essentially talks about all the ways in which your business will generate revenue. List down all the ways your business would generate money.

Example Business Model - Revenue

Continuing with the Uber's Business Model Canvas that we have been using in this series. For Uber it's relatively simpler revenue stream. Being a ride hailing service provider, their revenue comes in from you - the riders. They have virtually no other means to generate revenue. Can you think of any other ways Uber would be generating revenues ?

Business Model of Uber. Image Courtesy: BMI Inc.

That's about Revenues in the Entrepreneurship 101: Understanding Business Model Canvas - Revenue. Revenues are important to keep any business running. It's equally important to identify the various revenue streams your business can have. 

With this we come to an end of our Entrepreneurship 101 Understanding Business Model Canvas series. We've talked about all the aspects of the Business Model Canvas. Make use of these for your startup idea or innovative ideas and make your pitches even better ! Share this post to spread the word !

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