Day 47: Hectic Day

This post is coming in after almost a week. Just realised that I hadn't written the post about last week's class. Courtesy, the Fifa matches along with some turbulence at work that led me to miss writing this one. It was a full day class and hence the Day 47 of Executive MBA at NMIMS Hyderabad was a hectic one.

The day started with Strategic Finance session and we continued with some history of international finances. We learnt some basic currency conversion techniques and solved some problems. Post finance we had a session on Project Management and we were supposed to submit an assignment on the same. I had done it last week for my group and the professor was quite satisfied with the first attempt. Though there were some mistakes he pointed out, we had the first mover advantage. Next was our first lecture on Marketing Management II. I thought it would be boring like last trim, but it was exactly opposite. I loved the session as the professor asked some though provoking questions. We had some amazing examples of product lines, product mix, brands and everything else. Overall a good session.

Post Exam Fiasco at NMIMS Hyderabad Executive MBA

Since it was the first time we all were meeting after the results were declared, there were quite a few who were furious with their results and why not, no body likes to fail. Especially at this point in life. There were a handful of people who had failed in Financial Management, some failed in Operations Management while there were a couple of them who flunked in both. For them it was tough as they have been asked to restart the course. That's ridiculous !

I agree that the rules are in place and everyone has to abide with them. However there should be a slight relaxation for the executive MBA program at NMIMS Hyderabad considering the fact that everyone is already working and is putting in a lot of effort for this course. Also there were a few people who had to clear an exam from the first trim. However without that exam, the university has sent them a debar notice and has asked them to restart the course ! That ain't done. IMO they should be given a fair chance to first re-appear for the exam and then decide whether to continue or not.

Anyways, who am I to say this. Won't make any difference. However just a tip for anyone who is joining the Executive MBA program at NMIMS. please study well and ensure you don't fail any subject. It's not like engineering that you might take the course till the 8th sem and until you pass. Anyways that's about it. 
Cya !
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