Day 26 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad

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If you are a reader of this blog, I must say that this has taken a while. Had our last class on 8th Jan and then we had a Sankranti Break and we met today after almost two weeks. As mentioned earlier, the schedule this semester is quite hectic. Classes start at sharp 9 and go on till 7:30pm ! It's hectic indeed. But then, we have to do it. Anyways like always here's my experience of Day 26 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad.

Accounting Day

I'd like to call today as an Accounting Day. We had almost 6 hours to Accounting today (Gosh ! Only I know, how I survived this !) The day started with a lecture of Corporate Finance. We had dome something on Present Value, Future Value, Annuity, Growing Annuity, Perpetual Annuity and God knows what ! I did solve a numerical but frankly didn't understand much. I hope that I'll take some time off to get the basics right.

Starting with Business Strategy Formulation

Did you know Ginger Hotels is an offering by Taj Hotels ? Well I certainly didn't know that ! We started off by discussing about Maruti Suzuki - how they initially targeted budget segment and later targeted to the premium buyers through a different showroom brand - Nexa. Interesting ! Today was more of an introductory class so it was all about defining Strategy Management, How it is formulated, How it is implemented and later how it is evaluated. All in all a good class, but a tad boring I'd say. Let's see what's in store for the rest of the semester.
Business Strategy Formulation. Courtesy: ReferenceForBusiness

Managerial Accounting to call off the Day

Post the delicious Aloo Bhindi and Rajma meal, it was time to get back to Accounting, again. This time it was Managerial Accounting. The faculty is pretty good and surely knows how to explain things to us. Even though it was the first lecture, we learnt about costs - direct, indirect, fixed and variable.We did have a healthy debate on a case study as we argued about Direct and Indirect costs. There will be numericals here, so I do have to ensure I understand this.

That is all about the Day 26 of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. The second trimester is gruelling because of the timings. Coming home at 8 on a Sunday evening and rushing to work at 7 on Monday morning isn't easy at all ! Nevertheless, I'll do it. Working, college and blogging, it's tough but I'll be through it. See you on the other side !
Cya ! 
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