Day 24 - End of First Semester

End of the Week, End of Exams, End of First Semester and End of the year. That's the story of today - 31st December 2017. We had our last exam today and most of us were in a hurry to get home and spend time with our families. Some had travel plans while others like me had dinner plans. Just came back from dinner. So today, Day 24 was the last day of the first semester of the Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. Here's how things unfolded. Read the last post here.

We had a couple of exams scheduled today - Financial Accounting and Business Environment. I was sceptical about both of them as I had a very hectic week at work so could study much. Accounts was haunting me with ghosts of Cash Flow Statement and Ratio Analysis. Remembering the formulae for ratios wasn't an easy task. However the question paper seemed pretty okaish, I'll pass for sure ! ;)

Business Environment on the other hand was a tough one - at least in remembering the concepts. Every time we read a concept and move to another, we would get confused again and had to start again. I initially thought that Accounts would be tough, but Business Environment seemed tougher. I've attempted all the questions though, let's see what happens.

So that was all about Day 24 of the Executive PGDM course at NMIMS Hyderabad. Our next trimester starts next week - yes classes start next Sunday. Already got our books and was shocked to see Accounting once again. Not one but two of them ! I wonder how I'm going to manage, but will not take a step back.

Will end this post by wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May you achieve everything you've dreamt of and enjoy success in everything you do. See you on the other side :)
Cya !
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