Day 21 - End of First Semester of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad

Today was officially the last class of the first semester / trimester. Like I mentioned in the last post, time has flown by way too quick. The entire syllabus is complete and we have exams starting next weekend. This week is going to be a hectic one managing work as well as preparing for the exams. 

We had a couple of lectures of Microeconomics today and we did some problem solving. Ghosts from engineering haunted again as I saw some differential equation being written. We were basically learning about how to calculate Elasticity - Price and Income elasticity of Demand / Supply - along with a couple of formulas on Consumer and Seller surplus. I must say that the text book we are following - Mankiw - is a wonderful book and the concepts are explained so well. Wish we had opened it a little earlier !

Last day of 1st Semester

Being the last class of the semester, we decided to have lunch together. It was Coffee yesterday while it was lunch today. We decided to visit Blue Fox located in Secunderabad. It was a good place, will be posting the review on my main blog and zomato soon. More than the food it was the company that we enjoyed.

End of 1st Semester. Courtesy: StMarysSchool

Overall a wonderful day and a great semester coming to an end.1 down and 4 more to go. I'm sure the coming semesters will be great in terms of the subjects we have. And haan, we already got our schedule for the next semester and we are starting right after completing the last exam :( Our last exam ends on 31st December and the course will commence on 7th Jan. I expected a vacation !

Thanks for following my journey of Executive PGDM at NMIMS Hyderabad. It is an exciting course for me. As for the administration is concerned, it could be made a little better, especially in fixing and communicating the schedule in time and stuff like that. As for the faculty, these people have some great faculties in place who've made understanding the subject much simpler.

See you on the other side, I'll probably post on the exam days as well and continue the title with Day number and so on. Till then have a wonderful time and do what you love.
Cya !
Day 21 - End of First Semester of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad Day 21 - End of First Semester of Executive PGDM at NMIMS, Hyderabad Reviewed by The Executive on December 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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